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“Are you aspiring to reach greater levels in your law enforcement career?”
If so, the Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc., (WIFLE) can help!  Join WIFLE to find out some of the career-enhancing benefits of being member.

CHERI OZ, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration Phoenix Field Division

DEA Southwest Border Drug Trends and Trafficking

Cheri Oz was named the Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Phoenix Field Division on December 21, 2019.  SAC Oz is motivated self-starter who seeks out opportunities for diplomacy, and encourages mutual cooperation with federal, state, local, and international counterparts. She oversees multi-agency investigations focusing on international and domestic organizations.

She is skilled at developing an organizational culture that fosters teamwork, sets clear goals and objectives, and effectively draws on the strengths of all team members.  SAC Oz learned early in her career to be effective and successful in law enforcement, and that mutual cooperation and assistance is imperative. SAC Oz is well respected by her colleagues and peers and is relied upon for her leadership, mentoring, and common-sense problem-solving ability.  

SAC Oz began her law enforcement career in 1996, with the Phoenix Police Department where she worked as a patrol officer, Field Training Officer and a Detective in the Organized Crime Bureau, Vice Enforcement Unit.  She served with the Phoenix PD for six years. She moved to DEA in 2002.  

BIO Cheri OZ, SAC DEA Phoenix Field Division

JANINE DRIVER, the Human Lie Detector, one of WIFLE's Most Popular Speakers
Janine is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute. For over a decade while at the ATF, Janine trained thousands of law enforcement officers to decipher fact from fiction using the body language interpretation methods she writes about in her books, YOU CAN’T LIE TO ME and the New York Times Best-Seller, YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK. Janine travels the globe speaking to the corporate world about the fastest way to save time and grow businessFrom protecting America's security to protecting your work, your well-being & your reputation, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Keynote Speaker Janine Driver spent over 16 years as a federal law

enforcement officer within the Department of Justice (ATF) and now shares her people-reading skills, in a fun, engaging, and memorable way, with corporate titans from Sales Force to P&G to Lockheed Martin to Coca-Cola to Kronos to ADP to Comcast and more!

Reading Body Language | Janine Driver | TEDxDeerPark ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvxJoUuG018

How Five Simple Words Can Get You What You Want | Janine ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9UIF852Boo

Janine Driver: The Cooperation Paradigm: How to Get agreement and cooperation ... – TEDx

Janine Marie Driver: How to Get Exactly What You Want ... - TEDx

Cesare Frank Figliuzzi, Jr. is a former American government executive. He is the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Figliuzzi was previously the special agent in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cleveland Division, which includes all of northern Ohio, and the major cities of Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, Akron, and Canton. Following his FBI service, Figliuzzi joined General Electric and served for five years as assistant chief security officer for investigations, insider threat, workplace violence prevention, and special event security for GE's 300,000 employees in 180 countries. Figliuzzi is currently a frequent national security contributor for NBC and MSNBC News. 

In May 2021, Frank launched a regular podcast, "The Bureau with Frank Figliuzzi."  An inside look inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation through interviews with active and retired FBI insiders. Available on all podcast platforms.

His recently released book (January 2021), "The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence," is on the best seller list. It is available at Amazon.

BIO Frank Figliuzzi, Jr., National Security Analyst and former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence-Federal Bureau of Investigation

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The WIFLE Foundation, Inc.'s Annual Leadership Training enhances law enforcement knowledge in critical and timely topics by skilled presenters in various law enforcement fields from a variety of Federal, State and local agencies. Highly acclaimed, WIFLE is a leader in professional training for women advancing their law enforcement career.

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