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  • Each is limited to 40 registrants.
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • 9 Workshops to Choose From
  • Check the hours so you don't overlap


On Monday (August 14), WIFLE offers specialized workshops. Pre-registration is required because each class size is limited. As soon as you register for the week, register for an optional Monday Workshop. Be aware of the different times so you don't overlap workshops. We offer 10 to choose from.

Registration for Monday Workshops


Two Popular Speakers!

Creating, Cultivating, and Sustaining a Culture of Inclusion Is Everyone’s Charge 

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change...”

Mahatma Gandhi

Popular WIFLE Speaker!

Leadership Reset:  Lead Yourself to Better Lead Others 

As we move through our careers and life, we often try to figure out ways to make changes to better ourselves. We tend to gravitate towards New Year’s resolutions or lofty goals that would produce massive results but also require massive change. These look great on paper but are only executable given perfect circumstances. The changes we make to achieve our goals aren’t always sustainable for the long haul and when reality hits, our motivation wanes. This presentation shares effective strategies that produce meaningful change by understanding boundaries, exploring curiosity, digging into our emotions, creating triggers that help us be more mindful, and living with intention. Learn how to Live a Great Story by exploring what you want to learn, experience, and accomplish in this life and how you want to feel while you are doing it.

NEW for WIFLE 2023!

Emotional Display Rules:
How Gender Stereotypes Impact Female Leaders

The ability to control emotional expression can have a direct effect on a woman’s ability to advance into leadership positions (Brescoll, 2016). This workshop will educate participants on the current literature surrounding the topic of emotional display rules. This topic is important because women often must show up in public venues with a certain look; particularly, the way they display facial expressions. Arguably, when women leaders are seated at the table, they often must refrain from showing too much emotion to be perceived as credible leaders. The focus of this workshop is to armor women with perspectives from observers who may cast them in an emotionally negative way and to empower women to continue to choose to show up in an intentional way.

Back by Popular Demand!
Resume Writing and Structured Interview

A Team of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Workshop Facilitators await you.  BRING YOUR RESUME! We can help you 'see' you!
  • Marsha Adrien, Assistant Director, Field Operations (Mission Support), Office of Field Operations (OFO) Baltimore Field Office

  • Dawn Caltagirone, Assistant Port Director (Tactical), OFO, Area Port of Buffalo

  • Lora Cicciarelli, Supervisory Task Force Officer, Homeland Security Investigations Border Enforcement Security 

  • Tinesha Cherry, Director of Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Division, OFO

  • Nicole Landen, Niagara Falls Facilities Chief, Port of Buffalo, New York

  • Jennifer Tucker, Supervisory Customs and Border Protection Officer, Buffalo/ Niagara Region

This 8-hour Resume and Structured Interview Workshop will assist attendees with writing a competitive Federal resume that demonstrates work experience using core competencies, powerful action words, and solid and quantifiable accomplishments and provide tips and information on preparing for a structured interview. This workshop will cover resume and interview basics and will help you present your knowledge, skills, and experience in a way that will help you stand out. 

    NEW for WIFLE 2023!
    Giving and Receiving Effective Criticism…Why Are We So Bad at It?

    Dr. Angela S. von Trytek
    Supervisory Special Agent
    Drug Enforcement Administration

    Experienced senior management investigator with diverse background in academia, criminal justice and global investigations. Managed, directed, and oversaw high impact, complex federal law enforcement investigations. Senior level leader who is committed to  emotional intelligence and strategic visionary thinking. Honorably retired U.S. Army veteran. Licensed Commercial Pilot. Published author "The Study of the Relationships between Authentic Leadership and Job Satisfaction among Women in Federal Law Enforcement" 

    The objective of this workshop is to present perspectives for line officers, agents, managers, and leaders to understand the performance appraisal process with a focus on the development of interpersonal skills for leader and follower success. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) defines the five component processes for performance management, which are planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding. Managers and leaders need to be articulate in establishing their agencies’ performance standards and equally competent in communicating those standards to their employees. Improving our own self-awareness helps us to learn criticism management. How we respond to criticism versus how we react to it adds to our capacity for success and helps us define what it really takes to lead.

    WIFLE Workshop!

    Continuing YOUR Legacy:  The Hiring Process for FLETC Positions

    If you are planning to retire but want to continue your law enforcement legacy beyond retirement, you don’t want to miss this workshop. 

    This workshop will discuss the general federal hiring process, the different methods by which FLETC recruits and retains qualified candidates, and the options available for those who are subject to mandatory retirement but still want to contribute to the law enforcement mission. The topics covered will include but are not limited to, public announcements, reemployed or rehired annuitants, dual compensation waivers, various appointment types, and eligible authorities. 

    Rebekah Tucker, FLETC, Receiving an Award

    New in 2023

    Offices of Inspector General:  What They Are and Why They Rock! We may become your new best friend!!!

    Many individuals do not understand the breadth and scope of the work of OIGs, or are even aware of the types of investigative work OIGs become involved with, or the assistance they provide to investigative personnel. An investigation may start with an individual or a group but could blow up to a nationwide, public facing or emotive issue.  This session will provide greater recognition or the work OIGs undertake in areas such as fraud, waste and abuse, ethical and financial integrity, administrative wrong doing, contractor and personnel improprieties, data integrity, and more.

    This impressive Panel consists of Inspector General representatives from multiple agencies who will speak specifically about their work. A Q&A session will follow.  Join our Workshop on Monday, August 14, 2023, from 1:00-2:30 PM in Salon J at the Tampa Marriott Waterside. 

    Popular WIFLE Speaker!

    Goal Setter:  A Comprehensive Guide to Create Goals and Boundaries 

    Qiana Newell
    Assistant Special Agent in Charge
    U.S. Postal Inspection Service
    Office of Inspector General
    DEI Specialist & Certified Life, Career and Goal Setting Coach

    Women in the workforce are booked and busy – at work and home. Work/life balance isn’t realistic. It is never balanced! Life sometimes just gets in the way! Even when it doesn’t, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with societal norms and social media/TikToks of women who seem to have it all together. The pursuit of perfection has led many women to throw their hands up in frustration when they are faced with preparing a resume for that coveted promotional opportunity that finally comes available. This workshop was created to give women the tools, confidence, and motivation to get in the game. After this session, attendees will receive handouts, participate in group activities, and benefit from the presenter’s verbal presentation detailing just how close you are to achieving your goals! You just need guidance and actionable steps to get you there -- so you can live the life you imagined.

    Returning WIFLE Presenter!

    Leadership Matters - Leading in a Transformed Workplace  

    Linda Gray, Workforce Development Executive, HR Consultant, Environmental Protection Agency

    Leaders often report feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped to effectively lead in today’s workplace. Issues ranging from a hybrid workforce, socioeconomic and social justice matters, generational differences, technology, and mental health and wellness concerns in the workplace are just a few of the myriad matters facing today’s leaders. This workshop is designed to help participants understand how to effectively lead in a transformed workplace and provide participants with tools to navigate today’s leadership challenges.

    Linda Gray (in yellow) and Panelists  at a Leadership Development Forum at the 43rd Annual Blacks in Government National Training Institute

    NEW in 2023. 
    3:00p - 4:30p

    Women and Burnout: What You Need to Know to Create the Conditions for Yourself and Your People to Thrive

      Alissa M. Manolescu
      Senior Behavioral Scientist – BetterUp

      BetterUp behavioral scientist and executive coach Alissa Manolescu, M.A., will lead a discussion on what burnout is, what causes it, and how burnout affects performance and mission outcomes. We’ll also share how burnout disproportionately impacts women in the workplace and impedes greater representation, retention and advancement. Attendees will learn evidence-based practices to foster a climate where leaders and their teams can thrive and feel included. The session will include interactive breakout discussion groups for leaders to reflect on and create commitments to action.

      Senior Behavioral Scientist, People Insights at BetterUp | Organizational Psychologist | Human-Centered Leadership & Executive Coach

      Alissa is a talent management leader and executive coach with over fifteen years of experience partnering with organizations to create business impact through assessment and development solutions. She combines technical expertise in industrial-organizational psychology and project management with strengths in relationship management, inclusive leadership and systems thinking to strategically align talent programs, processes and experiences with organizational priorities.Alissa is a talent management leader and executive coach with over fifteen years of experience partnering with organizations to create business impact through assessment and development solutions. She combines technical expertise in industrial-organizational psychology and project management with strengths in relationship management, inclusive leadership and systems thinking to strategically align talent programs, processes and experiences with organizational priorities.

      The WIFLE Foundation, Inc.'s Annual Training Conference enhances  knowledge in critical and timely law enforcement topics by presenting a variety of speakers from Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies and content experts across the United States. Highly acclaimed, WIFLE is a leader in professional training for women advancing their law enforcement career.

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